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Hi, I gave a interview a few weeks back. Here is a part of the article:

B-AGT The Artist With Realistic Style

B-AGT is the nickname of this very talented artist. He has been drawing since he was little as a hobby. He would sit down, and just draw things he liked seeing on TV, games, or any other media from time to time. With that said, Dragonball and Basketball were two of his favorite things to watch at the time, so he took the time to start doing a lot of sketch work on these two subjects using traditional media such as pencils, and stayed on top of the process for quite a few years. B-AGT likes to look at other artists for inspiration, many which reside within the DeviantArt website community, and from this, he takes what he can from other works and critiques and turns it into knowledge towards his own work.”

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chillestdeactivation asked:

Hiya!! My name's Kate, and I was just wondering- Did you previously go to Marlborough Middle School? Many people I have met from there have talked quite a bit about you! And I suppose I was just wondering if they were telling the truth or just pulling my leg, haha. Regardless, your art is absolutely fantastic, as I'm sure you hear a lot! Thank you in advance for answering. uvu

Haha, thanks, but sorry to disappoint you, I guess they were just pulling your leg :-)

This drawing is one of the hardest.
There are a few others, which i consider to be tough too. But this drawing of Fang in particular was indeed very challenging.
2 years ago I always wanted to draw this picture, but I didn’t. because her hair and her weapon look so complex.
Anyway, now I’m glad that I took on the challenge.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Time: about 21 hours
Pencils: HB & 1B-8B

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